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The Bulgarian Association of Clinical Immunology is found in 2006, with aims to support professionals in Clinical immunology to fulfill their common mission, tasks and goals. Chairperson of the Association is Prof. Dr. Elissaveta Naumova. Membership is open to Medical Doctors, Biologists, Researchers and all the people interested in Immunology, Cell biology, Flocytometry, Molecular biology etc.


You may contact the Association at the following address:

Sofia 1431


P.O.Box 24



Board of Trustee:

Chair person: Prof. Dr. Elissaveta  Naumova


Prof. Dr.Bogdan Petrunov

Prof. Dr. Iskra Altunkova

Prof. Dr. Marta Baleva

Assoc.prof. Dr. Petrunka Petrova


In the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Immunology is established Section of Flowcytometry, with Chairperson Prof. Dr. Hristo Taskov. You may contact the section at the following address:


Sofia 1504, Bulgaria

26 Yanko Sakazov blvd,

National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Disease

Central Immunology Laboratory

e-mail: Taskov@ncipd.org

tel: 359 2 943 56 36


You may become a member after filling the form.


The aims and tasks of the Association you may find below



Excerpt from the STATUTE of

Association of clinical immunology



 IV. Aims:


v     To unite and support the members to fulfill the common missions/tasks/goals

v     To set appropriate conditions for professional growth of its members

v     To distribute/report all the new tendencies in Clinical immunology

v     To cooperate for the development of Clinical immunology in Bulgaria

v     To work for the raising of the role and significance of Clinical immunology in medical field

v     To support the Clinical immunology workers in their dialog and relations with local and state authorities, Bulgarian Medical Association and National Health Insurance Fund 


V. Acts and resources to fulfill the aims:


v     Organize and hold forums and seminars

v     Hold activities for growing qualification and other educational undertaking

v     Develop ideas for alternation and improvement of law system concerning Clinical immunology in Bulgaria, and unify it with Europe and Worldwide standards

v     Spread information and advertise the Associations activities

v     Contacts and relationship with related organizations in Bulgaria and abroad, membership in International organizations in Immunology and similar fields

v     Funds raising campaigns for gaining its purposes



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